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Real Results Fitness offers a unique approach to personal training tailored for women over 50. Our Anti-Aging Restoration System delivers faster results without long hours at the gym or diet gimmicks. We understand the specific needs of aging and address them to help our clients feel and look their best. Our proprietary Anti-Aging Restoration System is a step-by-step roadmap that gives you the clarity and confidence you succeed. We'll guide your through three phases:

1.  Your Health Foundation
2. Metabolic Restoration
3. Life Style Roadmap

Phase One

Health Foundation

First, we’ll utilize our Real Results Game Plan, which helps folks like you feel understood and reassured as we set goals, assess your current health and fitness, and put together a plan. Next, our unique Muscle & Core Activation System ensures our client's lean muscle gains and toning without extreme workouts or fear of injury. After that, we'll guide you through step three, where you'll learn our Supportive Nutrition Method to restore energy and learn how to eat in a healthy, sustainable, and effective manner without starvation diets or gimmicks.

Phase Two

Metabolic Restoration

The Metabolic Restoration phase will ensure success as clients restore and increase their metabolism, so they can burn more calories and fat more efficiently and faster. The first step is our Immun System and Supplementation Optimization, where you'll build a solid immune system. In the second step, our Strength and Endurance Restoration System will Restore strength and build cardio and muscle endurance by learning to train smarter and not harder.  The last step in the Metabolic Restoration phase Stage is to customize our Metabolic Nutrition Mastery, which shows our clients how to to implement a simple and effective method for eating that boosts their metabolism without having to give up all the foods they love.

Phase Three

Lifestyle Roadap

Once we have your Health Foundation and Metabolic Restoration phases in place we’ll kick off the Lifestyle Roadmap Mastery phase by implementing our Mindset and Goal Mastery process for a simple and effective method for eating that will boost your metabolism without having to give up all the foods you love. Next up: We help our clients personalize our Fat Loss Accelerator, which will help them reach their full fat-burning potential through smart workouts without overtraining. The final step of our Anti-Aging Restoration System is learning the blueprint on what and how to eat to lose fat while not sacrificing muscle and burning out using our Advance Nutrition Cycling Method.


What Can An Exceptional Personal Trainer Do For You?

To understand the true value of a personal trainer you have to experience working out with one personally. At different times your trainer should function as your colleague, your coach, or your teacher. A trainer plans every minute of your workout.

All Impact Fitness personal trainers hold degrees and additional certifications and training. They also undergo a rigorous in-house training program where they become experts at helping people succeed.

During your workout session we work to not only give you direction but also explain the reasons behind our methods so you’ll know exactly what we’re doing and why.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we demand accountability. In order to bring about real change, we’ve found that people benefit most by having a personal fitness coach who is directly responsible for your success in the program. They will demand accountability – not unkindly, but firmly – because it is necessary for success, and as we’ve already said, success is our business.

Because your personal trainer develops a workout plan and organizes each workout for you, all you need to do is come ready to work.

Our purpose is to help our clients achieve and maintain optimal health and performance through a process that includes:

Proprietary Assessments & Analysis

At Real Results Fitness, we've developed the Anti-Aging Restoration System, a revolutionary approach to personal training for men and women over 50. Our system delivers quicker results without requiring long hours at the gym or fad diets. Our comprehensive assessment evaluates your strengths and weaknesses. It's essential because each person's body is unique, and a one-size-fits-all exercise program will only yield average results, if any. Our highly trained Fitness Consultants and Performance Trainers use our proprietary assessment process and technology to customize a program specifically tailored to your goals and improve your body's function, while ensuring you avoid future injuries or physical limitations. This scientific approach requires expertly trained professionals, like those we provide at Real Results Fitness.

Personalized Approach

Once we know what you want, we put together a exercise plan that is guaranteed to achieve your goal
After we complete your health, fitness or performance assessment, we develop a customized plan based on these finding. Even if your goal is to lose weight or run faster, we develop our programs to improve how your body functions and decrease the likely-hood of current or future injury. We do this by designing your exercise program to address muscle imbalances, whether it’s an imbalance of strength, flexibility/mobility or postural. Simultaneously, we make sure to select the right exercises, modalities, sets, reps, tempo’s and rest periods to get the exact physiological responses and adaptions we want to achieve your goals. Whether it’s weight loss, adding muscle or muscle tone, our program design and instruction will get your there faster.
Finally, we want to make sure all our clients understand there is a “method to our madness”, engaged in their journey, and can monitor their programs.

Research & Expert Guidance

We take pride in staying at the cutting edge of the latest science regarding health, exercise science, and nutrition. Our personal trainers stay up to date on the latest research conducted by the National Strength and Conditioning Associations (NSCA) and we regularly look for opportunities to partner with local colleges and universities to conduct new research. Additionally, our staff is required to complete continuing education credits to maintain their certifications either through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, American Council on Exercise, NSCA, or American College of Sports Medicine.

With our expert guidance, you can feel confident that you are making the most of your time and effort. Our trainers are highly knowledgeable and experienced, and they will provide you with the support and motivation you need to stay on track and achieve real, lasting results.

Results Measurement

Every 6-8 weeks (depending on your program) we conduct a goal review session and review your comprehensive fitness or performance report that will show your progress relative to your goal. During this review, we set new benchmarks and goal achievement plan for the next 6-8 weeks.

We also implement in session result measurements like heart rates technology and radar technology. This immediate feedback allows the client to measure their effort levels and optimize based on program recommendations. It also creates motivation to achieve new levels of performance in each session. A key to getting maximum results in minimum time.


Meet Our Team

Discover the expertise of our certified personal trainers and staff.

David Modderman, Owner/Fitness Consultant

David has been training and coaching individuals/groups for 20+ years.

He educates and teaches others on how to exercise and eat correctly to get maximal results. Which includes specific goals of fat loss, toning/building lean muscle, program design and precise nutrition education. This is done through fitness training, health and lifestyle coaching, nutrition coaching, one on one, small groups, supermarket tours, online and through fitness and nutrition seminars.

David currently trains and coach clients in his private Studio "Real Results Fitness" in Rockford (off Northland drive).

He currently holds the following credentials:

Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science from Grand Valley State University
National Academy Sports Medicine (NASM) - Certified Personal Trainer
National Exercise and Sports Training Association - Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach
American Council on Exercise - Certified Personal Trainer

Precision Nutrition - Certified Nutrition Coach
American Heart Association - CPR and AED Certified
Liability Insurance Holder
National Academy Sports Medicine (NASM) - Certified Senior Fitness Specialist

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Client Reviews

Hear what our clients have to say about us

“I am so grateful to David for helping me achieve my goals. During covid I had put on some weight then the dreaded menopause hit and I gained more. With David's help I lost 15 lbs in 5 months.”
“Working with David has been a great experience.  I learned that my body can change without losing a ton of weight.  I lost 7 inches and 2.5% body fat while building lean muscle.  I saw more results with this program than going to the gym and doing things on my own.   I liked having a program made specifically for me and my goals.”
“I have been working out with David for almost a year.  I am down 4 dress sizes!  The biggest benefit of working out at Real Fitness is that it keeps me accountable and consistent. This has always been the most challenging part of weight training workouts.  Along with modifying my diet the weekly work outs make all the difference.”
“David was so nice to work with, I was nervous about getting started but he was very encouraging and helped put me at ease.   In our 40 visits I was able to lose 16lbs and the inches were the biggest reward.  I went down almost 2 sizes and I felt better about myself.”
“Great program, lost 32 lb's, 6 % BF and 14" in 6 months”
“At the age of 61 years I decided it was time to take my health seriously.  I found the program challenging and enjoyable. David pushed me past what I thought I was capable of doing. He was encouraging and has a passion to see his clients succeed. He designs a plan for each client according to their need and ability. This is not a one size fits all program. I’ve lost 13.5 pounds, 4.5% body fat and 14 inches. Don’t let age stop you from taking charge of your health. I highly recommend David at Real Results Fitness..”

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