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One-on-One Personal Training

A one-on-one personal training program offers many benefits, including a focus on client goals, privacy, safe and efficient exercise, and a customized program. The most important benefit is results. Our Fitness Consultants excel at program design and accountability, helping you progress toward your goals by making small, incremental changes. Accountability is at the core of our services, and our team of experts are dedicated to ensuring your success through analysis, customized planning, organization, coaching, research, and results measurement. Personal attention and customized program design are key to your success. We provide hands-on guidance and craft a comprehensive personal program based on your assessments and goals. Our private training studio ensure a comfortable, private environment for you to achieve your fitness goals.


Semi-Private Personal Training

Personal training doesn’t have to be one-on-one; it should cater to your goals. Our Semi-Private Personal Training program offers personalized attention in a small group setting. Clients appreciate the personalized program and motivation from like-minded individuals. With no more than four participants per session, you'll receive expert attention for safe and effective exercises. Join a session with friends or choose from existing groups at Real Results Fitness. Experience the energy and accountability of a small group combined with customized training. You’ll receive the same first visit and program development services as our one-on-one clients, with the added benefit of a small group training sessions.


Metabolic Rejuvenation & Nutrition Coaching for Optimal Health

Achieve a balanced and healthy lifestyle with our comprehensive nutrition coaching services. Our team of dedicated and experienced coaches will work closely with you to provide personalized guidance, support, and motivation, empowering you to make sustainable and impactful changes to your diet, overall well-being, and metabolic rejuventation.

What To Expect

On their first visit, clients can expect a personalized training session tailored to their goals.

Your First Visit

As a personal training client, you’ll learn a lot about your personal health and fitness during your first visit. We will:
• Explain the philosophies behind our methods
• Orient you with the private studio environment
• Perform a Chronic Pain Review
• Guide you through an introductory workout
• Perform a Goals Assessment and Fitness Consultation

After Initial Visit

After you’ve enjoyed your initial visit, it’s time to get to work crafting a custom fitness program. We’ll help you choose your private personal training session schedule based on availability and what best fits your schedule. We will:

1. Review your fitness plan summary with our team of experts
2. Perform a fitness analysis documenting your:

• Heart rate & Blood Pressure
• Postural Analysis
• Body fat/lean Analysis
• Circumference ratios
• Strength tests
• Cardiovascular tests
• Flexibility/mobility assessment
• Medical history

3. Create a Fitness Report, a baseline to measure your future successes
4. Review your report with you
5. Assign you a personal fitness coach to aid in accountability
6. Design a customized program to achieve your fitness goals

Program Execution: Three Keys

Training Sessions
To produce results, we set a goal of attending three to four sessions weekly. Each personal training session changes weekly to address specific fitness goals and muscle groups. Additionally, your workouts will change each month and be adjusted based on ongoing fitness assessments and measurement of results. This is key to keeping the body physiologically adapting to change, helping you avoid the dreaded plateaus, and keeping you psychologically motivated! Using technology, we also help you plan and track your fitness regimen when you are in and out of your sessions.


Exercise alone can only produce so many results. Our nutrition coaching is included in your personal training program to help you reach your goals faster and more efficiently. Featuring 6 helpful training modules, a grocery store food education tour, and a review of supplements, we help you achieve maximum health and fitness. Private personal training clients often use this program to challenge each other to perform at a higher level.

Goal Reviews
Every 6-8 weeks, you’ll meet with your personal fitness coach, one-on-one to review your goals and progress. If necessary, your program design and goals will be adjusted to keep you motivated and successful. This element of accountability, measurement, and refinement of our customized fitness program design is unique to the Impact Fitness philosophy.

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"Before I began working with David Modderman I was consuming my days with the stress of being a mother of 3 active children and working as a home care nurse. My life focused on taking care of everyone else, besides me, and my body showed it. I knew I needed to do something about my weight but felt skeptical at first about calling David. How could I afford a trainer? Do I have the time? Will it be awkward having a male trainer? Has he ever trained someone as out of shape as me? After the assessment with David Modderman it was obvious he had the knowledge I needed to succeed now all I needed was to show up, do my homework and make my financial investment into my health. My life has change drastically since David Modderman. I can't thank him enough for what he has done to give me the tools to change my life!"

Danielle G.
"When I first started with David I weighed over 330lbs. Only after his nutrition counseling, and fitness coaching did I learn why results on my own were slow and unpredictable. With the information I gained and David's guidance... I've lost over 100 lbs. and I am continuing to lose weight. Having tried several other personal trainers in Rockford and fad diets with little success, I now appreciate the level results that David has helped me achieve. I cannot imagine where I would be without his personal training and nutrition coaching."

Jesse R.

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Find answers to commonly asked questions about our services below.

How can I get started?

Our process is simple. You can request a complimentary introductory session to get started. We’ll reach out to you for a brief phone call to understand your goals and answer questions you may have. If we decide this is a good fit, we'll invite you in for a no-obligation complimentary introductory session and consultation, where you can see and experience the difference in working with our fitness professionals in our private studio. After the session, we’ll sit down for the consultation and talk more thoroughly about your goals. Based on what we see in the session and talk about in the consultation, we'll recommend a couple programs to achieve your goals.

What is the minimum commitment?

First, we don't believe in contracts or memberships. However, we do recognize that in order to achieve your goals, it doesn't happen overnight, and anyone who promises such results are not to be trusted. We tailor our programs based on your needs, and generally, our minimum recommendation is 6 months. The frequency of weekly workouts will depend on your current fitness level and desired goal.

Your program sounds great, but is it expensive? What are your rates?

The investment in our program depends on you. We have clients that train anywhere from 3-6 times per week depending on their schedules, motivation, goals, and budget. We personalize your program cost, just like we personalize our clients sessions. During your introductory session and consultation we will make a couple program options to best fit your goals and budget. But in general the investment runs between $30-$75 per session and we don’t require any memberships or contracts. The one-on-one sessions range between $50-75 per session. The difference is determine by the amount of sessions or length of time you purchase. You can purchase sessions in “Bulk” to discount your rate, but keep in mind this is an investment in your health, and without your health… what do you really have? If budget is your greatest concern, semi-private training is your solution. These sessions range from $30-35 per session depending on your frequency per week and length of time prescribed to achieve your goals. We developed our semi-private training sessions so you can get the customized programming and instruction, but essentially share the cost of a trainer. Most of our semi-private clients appreciate the motivation of a group environment, but desire customized programming and more personal attention.

How quickly can I see results?

That depends on how quickly we can help you integrate the program into your life. Obviously, the more you can follow the program we put together for you, the faster you will see the results you’re looking for. The majority of our clients generally feel better and have a LOT more energy within the first couple weeks, begin losing weight and inches in the first month, and will typically lose anywhere from 4-12% body fat after about two to three months time. For our competitive athlete they see substantial strength improvements in their first month and significant speed & agility improvements with two months. For some examples of what’s possible, take a look at what other clients in our program have achieved. Their results are VERY substantial!

What makes you different?

Your program sounds interesting. But I’ve tried lots of ways to get in shape in the past and I know there are lots of health clubs, weight loss centers, and other places around town that all say “their program is the best”. How are you different?

We have a saying around here that “when you train with the best, you don’t have to suffer like the rest.” Almost all our clients have tried different ways to get in shape in the past. Some of those programs have given them some short term results, most have failed miserably. Our success is driven by personalization and our proprietary Anti-Aging Restoration System. We don’t just put you in a group of people and call it personal training. Our program differs from everything else out there because we don’t just give you an exercise program, we spend time working with you to cover EVERYTHING you need to get in and stay in shape (once-and-for-all) or achieve your sports performance goals.

Our programs cover all areas need to not only succeed, but make it part of your lifestyle. In our three phase Anti-Aging Restoration System we coverL metabolic rejuvenation, nutrition, supplementation, resistance training, motivation and mindset, flexibility/mobility, cardiovascular exercise, flexibility, and coaching.

Our staff has at least a Bachelors Degree in the Exercise Sciences and is certified by nationally accredited agencies and the top fitness organizations in the country. But we don’t just rely on that. Every Fitness Consultant goes through a rigorous on-boarding process at our in-house training program, followed by a multiple year development program of continued education. But don’t just take our word for it, read through our client success stories and watch interviews with successful clients on our website. All our clients are real people, with busy schedules, just like you. And we’ve helped them with our program… now we’re ready for you next!

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