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“I am so grateful to David for helping me achieve my goals. During covid I had put on some weight then the dreaded menopause hit and I gained more. With David's help I lost 15 lbs in 5 months.”
“I have been working out with David for almost a year.  I am down 4 dress sizes!  The biggest benefit of working out at Real Fitness is that it keeps me accountable and consistent. This has always been the most challenging part of weight training workouts.  Along with modifying my diet the weekly work outs make all the difference.”
“David was so nice to work with, I was nervous about getting started but he was very encouraging and helped put me at ease.   In our 40 visits I was able to lose 16lbs and the inches were the biggest reward.  I went down almost 2 sizes and I felt better about myself.”
“At the age of 61 years I decided it was time to take my health seriously.  I found the program challenging and enjoyable. David pushed me past what I thought I was capable of doing. He was encouraging and has a passion to see his clients succeed. He designs a plan for each client according to their need and ability. This is not a one size fits all program. I’ve lost 13.5 pounds, 4.5% body fat and 14 inches. Don’t let age stop you from taking charge of your health. I highly recommend David at Real Results Fitness..”
“Working with David has been a great experience.  I learned that my body can change without losing a ton of weight.  I lost 7 inches and 2.5% body fat while building lean muscle.  I saw more results with this program than going to the gym and doing things on my own.   I liked having a program made specifically for me and my goals.”
“Great program, lost 32 lb's, 6 % BF and 14" in 6 months”